City Manager Mitch Foster said that Ludington’s proposed 2020 budget would basically maintain the “status quo,” but there are some costly projects scheduled for the new year, which will dip a bit into the general fund.

“Overall, we don’t do a whole lot of changes back and forth (year to year),” Foster told the city council during its meeting Monday, in which he presented the budget and three-year capital improvement plan. “Without a strategic plan — which (council) will be working on in a couple of weeks here — it’s difficult for staff to try to make big changes and big adjustments. So once we have that strategic plan in place, that will give staff direction as to: Where are we going? What do you want to see? And how to make big adjustments?”

The council’s strategic planning meeting is scheduled for from 2 to 8 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 5, at Red’s Room in Jamesport Brewing Co., 410 S. James St., Ludington. Foster said the public is invited to listen in, but most of the information presented to the council will be ideas from residents who spoke during the ward meetings held earlier in the year.

Foster also plans to host what he calls “Burgers and Budgets” meetings to talk about the city’s finances with the public over a bite to eat at local restaurants. The dates and locations of Burgers and Budgets are not yet set.

The council will hold a public hearing and consider approving the proposed budget during its meeting at 6:30 p.m., Monday, Dec. 9, at city hall.

To read the full story about the city's proposed budget and projects for 2020, check out the print or E-edition of Friday's Ludington Daily News.