The Ludington City Council on Monday will consider approving a one-time insurance payment to the city’s non-union employees and to discontinue the monthly payments for retiree health insurance.

Until now, the city has made monthly payments toward the cost of the non-union retirees’ health insurance premiums at rates of $100, $150 and $200 based on the retiree’s years of employment, said City Clerk Deborah Luskin in a memo to council. The city’s payments begin on the date of retirement and continue until the retiree becomes eligible for Medicare or turns 67. But this benefit was discontinued for employees hired on or after June 1, 2014, she noted.

This one-time payment would be designed to eliminate the city’s liability for having to pay for those benefits in the future.

“In lieu of ongoing monthly payments after retirement, the city would provide a one-time payment to each employee into a MERS Health Care Savings Plan according to the employee’s seniority,” Luskin stated, adding that it would save the city $50,000 overall in the longterm.

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