A couple of infrastructure improvements might begin this spring, since Ludington was recently informed that construction permits for the projects have been approved, according to City Manager Mitch Foster.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently approved a permit needed for the city to address the flooding issue at the Port of Ludington Maritime Museum. However, the city is still waiting for permission for an easement from the U.S. Coast Guard, since the land where a new pipe would be installed is on the Coast Guard station property.

Foster said it’s still exciting to finally get approval from the Army Corps, considering the city has been waiting since July 2018, and it had expected to have to wait even longer.

“Originally, we were told we wouldn’t hear back until July of 2020, so this is significantly better,” he told the Daily News.

The plan is to install a larger outfall pipe for storm sewer drainage, as well as to separate the museum’s drains from the city’s storm sewer. Because the systems are currently connected, the lower level of the museum often floods when storm drains are overwhelmed.

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