“At this time, it appears unlikely that INoRadio will be returning WMOM back on the air.” That’s the notice that hangs in the window of the former studio of WMOM-FM 102.7 in Ludington.

The holder of WMOM’s radio license, Bay View Broadcasting, sent its lessee, INORADIOBROADCASTING LLC — hereafter called “INoRadio” — a cease and desist order on Sept. 25, which has prevented INoRadio from bringing WMOM back on-air, said Roger Gardner, CEO of INoRadio.

Gardner told the Daily News his company signed a lease management agreement with Bay View on Aug. 31 for INoRadio to operate WMOM using the existing radio license. He believes Bay View and it’s owner, Patrick Lopeman, breached the agreement by sending the cease and desist order.

“He’s breached that contract, and we’re not happy,” Gardner said. “So we’re trying desperately anything and everything we can to get the radio station back on-air.”

The Daily News made initial contact with Lopeman, but subsequently was unable to interview him after multiple attempts.

WMOM went off the air on April 1, ending its broadcast that began in 1999. Its time on the airwaves ended due to Lopeman’s decision to retire after a serious car accident this past spring, according to a press release from Bay View.

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