Coding at MCC

Mason County Central Middle School seventh-graders Callee Bourgette, Keeli Johnson and Ellie Bendele assembled a three-piece digital instrument set for a coding project that was displayed as part of a computation skills showcase on Wednesday at the middle school.

SCOTTVILLE — Seventh-graders had a chance to demonstrate their coding skills during a computing project showcase Wednesday at Mason County Central Middle School.

Students in Chandra Tacktor’s class spent the morning demonstrating and explaining their projects to younger students as part of a larger project that’s linked up with MCC’s coding curriculum.

“The seventh-grade class is showing the sixth-graders,” Tacktor said. “They had coding in sixth grade and they had coding in seventh grade, and now they’re combining everything from the (Computer Skills Discovery) curriculum to make their final projects.”

Those final projects included a host of different styles and themes, as the groups of students were encouraged to be creative and infuse their projects with their own flourishes, according to Tacktor.

One of the seventh-grade groups — which included Callee Bourgette, Keeli Johnson, Ellie Bendele and Easton Edmonson — created a digital instrument set-up.

“They have a three-piece band with three different sets of code and three different programs running at the same time,” Tacktor said of the group. “They wanted to push themselves, and I said, ‘If you can do it, go for it.’”

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