A keenly moralistic Congress chastised Bill Clinton for failure to live up to the “honor and dignity” expected from the Oval Office.

Due largely to George W. Bush’s efforts in the White House, Barrack Obama won an election which many thought was unattainable. Blocked from achievement for the last six years of his terms (thanks Sen. McConnell), Obama was basically a stand-in. He bored us with his respectful adherence to presidential ethics and norms. But maybe the guy could have slipped up and done something “off color” in defilement of the high standards expected by our GOP-Controlled congress.

How many failings could he have gotten away with before the sensibilities of our “watch-dog”- “family values” representatives reached the breaking point? Let’s see how far down a list of 20 questions we need drop before a riotous crescendo of indignation would precede accusations of ineptitude and moral bankruptcy.

Imagine while descending, which action listed would have finally triggered calls for resignation or impeachment by Senators Hatch and Grassley and Speaker Ryan.

What if Obama passed a tax package that was highly profitable to himself and his peers, but assured us at rallies they’d all hate it?

What if Obama had a price for the atrocities he was willing to overlook when committed by his foreign business associates?

What if Obama and his hawkish advisers lacked “stomach” to listen to the tape of a Fox News reporter being tortured and killed to please their BFF, the Crown Prince?

What if at the Helsinki Summit, Obama resembled a Putin subordinate, then had our White House decorated in “Christmas Red?”

What if Obama denigrated our FBI and CIA’s intelligence expertise, preferring instead the word of despots: Putin, Kim and Bin Salman.

What if Obama called publicly on Russia to help him “get the goods” on his political rivals?

What if Obama had desensitized us so by his daily serial fabrications and drama to be immune from accountability — on top of that first lie about keeping our own doctor?

What if a drizzle made Obama retreat from joining World War I allies in honor of our troops who served miserable months in the muddy trenches?

What if Obama dodged the draft, then said he prefers war heroes that didn’t get captured?

What if Obama wanted his own national military parade just like North Korean and Chinese leaders’?

What if Obama was heard boasting about assaulting women and his enabling-star-status entitlement?

What if the Obama campaign paid off a mistress and girlfriend whom he dated while his third wife was pregnant?

What if Obama owned a “spotty past” (17 accusers) with ladies while calling alleged concerns of other’s accusers “disgusting stories?”

What if Obama profited from leasing/selling personal assets to foreign dignitaries while a sitting President?

What if Obama operated a Florida resort, where wealthy businessmen received Presidential access via a $200,000-plus membership?

What if Obama refused to show his tax returns and placed relatives in key advisory posts in his administration?

What if Obama had numerous campaign/administration team members convicted or under investigation for federal crimes?

What if Obama had betrayed donors of the Obama Foundation, as he and his family members used the “charity” exclusively as a slush fund?

What if Obama brazenly fired investigators heading an inquiry into alleged shenanigans by his election organization?

What if Obama boldly promised us to make Mexico to pay for “the wall” then flip-flopped to demand we pay?

Bonus section: (Petty stuff for enquiring minds).

What if Obama constantly bragged, exaggerated results and stole credit from others for his self-proclaimed “A+ performance?”

What if Obama had six bankruptcies in his business resume?

What if Obama had “tie overreach?”

What if Obama played golf twice as much as his predecessor despite assuring us he’d be too busy working in the White House to waste tax dollars on traveling?

What if Obama’s hair style had been an afro or a hybrid 50’s duck-tail?

What if at a state function, Obama had plodded around clueless as England’s 90-year-old Queen shuffled along behind him?

What if Obama had trudged up the steps of Air Force One, dragging a train of toilet paper stuck to his shoe?

What if Obama was U.S. President even though a three-million-vote majority rejected him?


The Managing Editor for the Ludington Daily News since June 2018 and on the staff since Oct. 2011, taking over for legendary Lloyd Wallace. Previously with The Chippewa Herald in Chippewa Falls, Wis., and the Tuscola County Advertiser in Caro.