I think this is a good time to talk about our future as a nation.

The term national security is made to sound like an incantation at the throne of God. The way the musical chair of politics has it, security is seated in more bombs, more bullets, more junk in outer space and in rotating corporate panhandlers between public office and the military-industrial-university complex. We feel that penetration and conquest of the nation has to come from an outside military power. History tells us otherwise. Empires are conquered from within, not from without. They die because they neglect the four pillars of security: an ability to feed its people; an ability to employ its people; an ability to control its borders; an ability to regulate the value of money.

The first pillar of being able to feed its people was demolished when Congress divined that the physical economy of the United States of America no longer mattered. Debt construction could deliver riches beyond belief to those daring few. War was their tool. It enabled Congress to appropriate and borrow any amount of money desired. Agriculture’s proverbial tap into free sunlight energy via photosynthesis was no longer critical. Henceforth, the flywheel and balance wheel for the U.S. economy would not be monetized resources (gifts from God); but trade, exploitation and paper shuffling. The stimulus package for all this would be wars, cold and hot, small and large. The U.S. citizens would put up with disease, suffering, loss of freedom and government lies as long as food was cheap. Cheap did not mean nutritious or supporting good health.

The second pillar of employing U.S. citizens cannot be maintained as long as cheap labor is to be had elsewhere in the world, or imported to chastise unions and otherwise unemployed U.S. citizens. The near-annihilation of manufacturing in the U.S. suggests IQ inhibitors at work in Congress or the workings of avarice. The corporations that manipulate Congress do not care whether a U.S. citizen makes 50 cents or $50,000 an hour. Once the corporations have complete control, we will be a feudal society, with the corporate rich being the lords and ladies and the rest of us serfs.

The third pillar to control our borders is a losing battle because of Congresses's belief that borders are relics of the past. The people in control (certain Congress persons and their corporate masters) believe that borders should be open with legal and illegal immigration as an accomplished fact as long as the Pentagon can shoot at mosquitos with machine guns. Let every third world citizen enter as long as they work for cheap. Their banana republic ideas, the cost to the nation of maintaining them and drug epidemics be damned.

The fourth pillar to regulate the value of money was lost when those living in the rarefied air of mythical values, stock and commodity markets, and other computerized crap games, decided that our money should be based on debt and not on hard assets. This allows our money manager (the Federal Reserve) to inflate or deflate the money supply as necessary to allow their corporate board members (fellow corporate banks) to enjoy enormous profits at your expense. Presidents Lincoln, Jackson and Kennedy tried to stop this family of bankers. Lincoln and Kennedy did so by printing U.S. dollars without charging the taxpayers interest. They were attempting to turn the private banking system (the Federal Reserve) into the public banking system as per the U.S. Constitution. Jackson refused to renew the Federal Reserve’s charter. Lincoln and Jackson paid for it with their lives.

Wake up, United States of America, or our nation will turn into another Venezuela. It is time to do your own fact-checking and thinking.

Aldon Maleckas


The Managing Editor for the Ludington Daily News since June 2018 and on the staff since Oct. 2011, taking over for legendary Lloyd Wallace. Previously with The Chippewa Herald in Chippewa Falls, Wis., and the Tuscola County Advertiser in Caro.