Room Redo

HAMLIN TWP. — With a fresh coat of paint, perfectly arranged furniture, a revitalized mantle and custom art, 2763 N. Island Drive in Tamarac Village is on track to be the new favorite spot for the Dennis family. 

The rollers are out and the lids are off the paint cans — the third annual Ludington Daily News Room Redo is in the works.

AMBER TOWNSHIP — The walls are painted. The pallet-wood shelves, shutter wall, table and  TV stand have been painted, and distressed. The decorations are in place and the light fixture is installed.

This year’s Room Redo comes to an end with new friends, fresh paint, custom furniture and a whole new space for winner Jody Shafer-Mezeske — and designer Julie Ann McDonald still has a few surprises up her sleeve.

The Room Redo project is nearing its end — and while there’s plenty left to do, the basement girl cave is really starting to shape up.

Room Redo renovations continued on Tuesday and I — coincidentally, of course — caught designer Julie Ann McDonald and the crew just in time for lunch.

When I met up with Jody Shafer Mezeske and Brian Mezeske and our Room Redo crew Monday afternoon, the enthusiasm was palpable.

Jody Shafer-Mezeske wasn’t short of excitement Tuesday when she met with the team for the first time since learning Saturday that she won this year’s Ludington Daily News Room Redo.