Ludington protest

Carol Rodwell, Sherri Bell and Pat Onelio stand on West Ludington Avenue Saturday to protest immigration policies that result in the separation of children from families. Rodwell, Bell and Onelio were among more than 150 protesters participating in Saturday’s rally, which was held in conjunction with thousands of Keeping Families Together events across the country.

Locals protest immigration policies

Parents, sons and daughters, observers, politicians, activists and educators were just some of the people that could be seen Saturday afternoon along West Ludington Avenue, holding signs, clapping, cheering and waving to passersby in the 90-plus-degree heat.

Though the 150 people gathered Saturday afternoon in Rotary Park came from a wide array of backgrounds, they united with the one goal: to speak out against immigration policies that lead to the separation of children from their families.

Ludington joined thousands of communities across the nation in holding Keep Families Together demonstrations to protest current policies, shouting chants like “Love not hate makes America great,” and “Make America moral again.”

The protest was organized by Kate Glancy and Logan Walworth of Ludington.

“It’s part of the national day of action, which is why we picked (Saturday), and we’re protesting family separations on the border,” Glancy said. “We’re horrified by seeing images and hearing audio tapes of children crying for their parents, so we wanted to make it known that Ludington has a strong contingent of people against those policies.”

The turnout for the short but attention-grabbing gathering was better than anticipated, and Glancy and Walworth said they were elated with the results.

“It’s absolutely more than we had expected,” Walworth said. “It’s even bigger than we thought.”

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