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(18 Nov 2018) Here are the top stories for Sunday, November 18th: Trump comments on Saudi role in Khashoggi death; Result reached in Florida Senate recount; A WWII fighter plane crashes; A snow day for a panda in Washington.

(18 Nov 2018) President Donald Trump says the crown prince of U.S. ally Saudi Arabia has told him directly that he had nothing to do with the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but Trump says he wonders "will anybody really know." (Nov. 18)

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Taylor’s 17-yard touchdown run in triple overtime ignited a wild, bench-clearing celebration, providing UW (7-4, 5-3) with a monumental high point in a season defined only by its failures before Saturday.

(16 Nov 2018) As hundreds of exhausted people in a caravan of Central American asylum seekers reached the U.S. border in Mexico on Friday, American troops worked to fortify the fence and port of entry separating the two countries with strands of razor wire. (Nov. 16)

(16 Nov 2018) Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed economic and security matters with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin in Washington Friday. Pompeo told reporters, "We will never accept Russia's attempted annexation of Crimea. (Nov. 16)

(16 Nov 2018) Here's the latest for Friday, November 16th: CNN Reporter Jim Acosta received his White House credentials back; President Trump said he answered written qestions from Robert Mueller; Florida begins manual ballot recount; FAO Schwarz reopens in New York.

(16 Nov 2018) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says he understands why people are frustrated that city officials were caught off guard by a snowstorm that caused major problems. De Blasio said the city will do a full audit into what happened. (Nov. 16)

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Perched atop a foresty hill in Bavaria, Germany, is a real-life fantasy castle. Commissioned by King Ludwig II in 1869, Neuschwanstein Castle has become a major part of our cultural history, even serving as inspiration for Walt Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty.” Adored by his people, Ludwig was nic…