These last few days have been brutal. All of my time has been taken up trying to beat the heat. The old house I rent doesn’t have air conditioning, and there’s only one window, in my bedroom, where you can put an air conditioner. The others, in the living room, office and kitchen, are the ki…

Note: This is the first in a short series of columns about West Michigan Community Mental Health System workers who live in recovery and use their life experience to help others on their recovery journey. 

Just in case you think there’s a cutoff point in life, when it’s too late to embark on a brand new adventure, well, just ask Jeanette Lipps, Donna Hodges and Dan and Jane Morat, who, a few days ago, opened a store in Mears. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be particularly amazing. But Dan and Jane h…

The other day I was thinking about mistakes I’ve made in life. With the benefit of hindsight, I was amazed at how stupid I’ve sometimes been. Why did I do this or that, I wondered. Wasn’t I thinking?

The other day my friend Diane Hazen and I were having the kind of conversation I used to laugh at my grandmother and her friends for engaging in, about death and funerals and who wants to be buried with whom. 

Earthworms are one of the first critters many of us discover as children. They can be found while digging in the garden or stretching across the sidewalk during a rainstorm. 

I recently heard about a trend that’s actually been around awhile, but that most people aren’t aware of — death cafes. 

I was stunned to learn that a few days ago, Pope Francis gave the world a little Easter gift: the observation that there is no hell.

Seven years ago, I wrote a column entitled, “Gun Control or People Control?” It began as follows:

I’ve made such a big deal about St. Patrick’s Day recipes in my Cookin’ with Crain column these last few weeks that I thought it would be fun to share what went on this year at my St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

Every few years I like to share with my readers some of the weirdest news on the planet, in an attempt to give all of us a good laugh in the face of the regular news, which is so depressing it’s a wonder anyone has the gumption to get out of bed in the morning. I am so tired of hearing about…