Dear Editor:

Seems most Americans are saturated with national news items reflecting fellow citizens acting out in a negative way over politics and policy. (the rage and violence that spews forth from anti-Trumpers spotting a red MAGA hat for example). Following a recent Shelby School Board meeting, I was perplexed that our own local citizens displayed extremely poor manners with any calling them to task. The back story is in regards to an expiring lease regarding a parcel of land that has been used for soccer. The legality of said lease is not the focus of this letter. The rude, childish behavior of a board member to a local village official is my focus. The village official attended the meeting wearing gear emblazoned with the Shelby Tigers school logo. The board member, who is in disagreement with this official in regards to said lease, ripped into a torrent of negative comments questioning the officials audacity to wear said gear in light of the lease dispute. Then an administration member joined the board member’s verbal attack. What?! How is it no one called a halt to this “Tantrum” and demanded apologies? How is it our board and administration spent countless hours and tax dollars espousing an anti-bullying rhetoric to students yet when confronted with an uncomfortable situation resorted to bullying someone with whom the disagree. Being as it is currently football season, allow me to use football jargon … Personal Foul. Immediate ejection off the field. No into football? Let’s try Disney a la the Bambi movie. If you can’t say something nice, then say nothing at all.


389 Orchard View Dr., Apt. 1, Shelby