Seventy walkers from four local congregations raised over $6,000 in the 37th annual White Lake CROP Walk.

The walk was held Sunday, Oct. 6, on the White Lake Pathway, starting at the White Lake Congregational UCC. Cool walking weather and a couple of flooded portions on the trail greeted the walkers.

The walk began with a prayer led by Pastor Donna Morton from the Congregational church.

Walkers from four local churches participated this year. They came from White Lake Congregational UCC, Lebanon Lutheran Church, St. Peter’s By The Lake Episcopal Church and White Lake United Methodist Church.

The pledges support the work of Church World Services (CWS) and the efforts of the local White Lake Food Pantry at Lebanon Lutheran Church. Twenty-five percent of all monies raised stays in the White Lake area, and the remainder helps support CWS programs around the world, including the United States.

For the second year, collections were held at Walmart in Whitehall Township on three days throughout the summer. These raised over $1,400 for the walk.

The 38th annual White Lake CROP Walk will be held Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020. Churches or organizations interested in taking part next year can contact either of the four churches involved for information.