MONTAGUE – A 31-year-old man is facing a September 3 pretrial on felonious assault with a dangerous weapon charges stemming from an August 9 incident when police were called to a home in the 9200 block of Walsh Road on a report of an adult son assaulting his parents.

Jovan Anderson is in the Muskegon County Jail on $65,000 bond awaiting trial. He was arrested August 12 on three counts of assault.

Montague Police Chief Robert Rought said his department was called to the scene at 11:13 a.m. When they arrived officers were told the Anderson got into an argument with his parents about him needing to find a job. Rought said he had been living in a trailer on the property.

Rought said Anderson is accused of swinging a shovel at his step-father and barely grazing his head. The chief then said he tackled his mother and pointed a hand gun in her face.

Rought said Anderson then ran out the back door and left near the Montague-Hart Bike Trail. Within a few minutes he called the house and threatened to kill himself. “An officer was on the phone with him when he heard the sound of the gun being fired and the phone went dead,” explained Rought. However, the chief said Anderson called back again and said he accidentally fired the gun, got scared and threw the gun to the ground. Police apprehended Anderson a short time later without incident.

Rought said Montague Police was assisted at the scene by Whitehall Police, Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department and the Michigan State Police. Until they apprehended Anderson neighbors were asked to stay in shelter and motorists were kept from that area of Walsh Road surrounding the home.