MONTAGUE – Founded in 1855, Ramthun Building Materials, 8789 Ferry St., has found a new owner.

The building was purchased by Andy Mummaw, who plans to renovate the building, and make it available for a future business or businesses.

“The building was built in 1855, it was handed down over the generations. I’m the last of the Mohicans, I don’t have no brothers or sisters. So it is time to get rid of it,” said Terry Ramthun

Ramthun was the co-owner of Ramthun Building Materials. He owned the building and the business with his mother Pat Ramthun.

The business made cement products, and was founded by William Thieman. John Thieman took over after his father’s death, and sold the business to his son-in-law Walter Ramthun in 1941.

Terry Ramthun’s father Ken would eventually takeover, until it passed to him. His mother first started working for the company in 1949. She worked as the bookkeeper while also maintaining a job at the local bank.

Up until 10 years ago business had continued to be good, but Terry Ramthun said big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes have had an effect.

“You just couldn’t compete with them. I’m loaded with arthritis, I’ve been throwing that crap around since I was eight-years-old,” said Terry Ramthun.

Mummaw said the barn architecture is what initially drew him to the property.

“I’ve always liked the barn architecture of it and the sliding elements, and it kind of drew me there. My vision would be to see it restored to a functioning element, possibly a retail space,” said Mummaw.

He said that he moved from Grand Rapids to the White Lake Area about three years ago. Having seen the development of downtown Grand Rapids, Mummaw said he’d like to be involved in Montague’s development.

When asked if he would miss the old building Terry Ramthun said he wouldn’t miss it at all. Instead he is looking forward to spending his free time traveling.

Mummaw said he hopes to have the building available to rent by 2020.