For most people there is nothing you own that you use more than your mattress. On average, we spend a third of our lives sleeping. A good night’s sleep is more important than ever in our fast-paced world. Choosing the right mattress should be something that you devote enough time and research to. Setting a budget can be difficult until you know the type and style of mattress that’s right for you. However, a good rule of thumb is to spend double your monthly mortgage or rent payment. Don’t spend less on a new mattress than your car payment.

So, you’re ready to start your research. Be careful, the internet can be a slippery slope when it comes to researching mattresses. There are literally hundreds of brands, thousands of models, and millions of sites, with everyone saying their mattress is the most comfortable and best quality. Shoppers can be easily overwhelmed. Plus, you can’t try it out. How would you know it’s right for you, if you can’t even lay on it? But hold on, they offer a in-home money back guarantee that says if I don’t like it, I can send it back and they will give me a full refund. Remember, every on-line retailer has to offer that guarantee or they would never sell anything. But beware and READ THE FINE PRINT. Most have disclaimers that will most likely void your guarantee. Also forget about a warranty, and good luck sending a mattress back that’s impossible to cram back into a tiny box.

Sleeping Well

So, your best guarantee at getting a good night’s sleep is going to a reputable local mattress store. Your local sleep specialist are good at taking the guesswork out of buying the right mattress. They tend to pick the best models, from the top manufacturers, and display them for you to conveniently test. Most have low pressure staff that are there to help educate you in making the right decision on your new mattress.

Whether it’s a traditional innerspring, firm or soft Memory foam, or something in between like a Hybrid. A good selection is large enough to give you just the right feel, but manageable to not overwhelm you. You know you’ve found your new mattress when it feels good, is good quality, and it fits your budget. Plus, with a local retailer, you are likely to get free delivery and pick up of your old bed.

Discover The Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Base

• Improve breathing, reduce snoring

• Reduce G.E.R.D. or reflux problems

• Zero gravity position for relief of lower back pain

• Optional massage for muscle stimulation

• Sit upright for eating, reading, watching tv, or easy exit

• Raise legs for heart or circulation issues

• Adjustable height for easy entry/exit

• Affordable, and compatible with most modern mattresses

Bottom Line

Finding the right mattress is a touch and feel deal. Take the time to choose a good quality mattress, it literally effects your overall well-being.