CADILLAC — District Health Department No. 10 held COVID-19 vaccine clinics in eight of its 10 counties on Tuesday, Jan. 12, and vaccinated a total of 1,740 individuals, but none in Mason County, according to a press release from the health department.

The health department reported that 58 vaccines were given in Lake County Tuesday, 249 in Manistee County and 276 in Oceana County.

During vaccine clinics, everyone will be scheduled for their second dose right there. Scheduling the second dose is not necessary online.

The suggested time in between doses is 21 days for Pfizer or 28 days for Moderna. While it does not have to be the exact number of days in between, those who receive the first dose of those vaccines should not wait several months between doses. The two vaccines cannot be mixed. For example, if someone receives the Pfizer vaccine for the first dose, then they must receive the Pfizer vaccine for the second dose.

The health department stated that it will also add a fifth page to its COVID-19 Data Dashboard on its website to include vaccine totals given at health department clinics and other locations the health department the vaccinating people such as skilled nursing facilities.

The number will not include vaccines given by other sources such as hospitals, and the number will reflect the amount of vaccines given in each county — not the number of residents vaccinated in each county.

For example, someone from Mason County who was vaccinated in Manistee County would be included in the Manistee County numbers. It is also possible that some individuals who reside outside the health department’s jurisdiction were vaccinated at one of its clinics and they would be included in the numbers where they were vaccinated.

“The purpose of our COVID-19 Vaccine page is to keep you updated with information about (the health department’s) vaccine distribution,” stated Kevin Hughes, health officer for the department. “If you are wanting more comprehensive vaccine data, please refer to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Vaccine Dashboard at: https://www.michigan.go/coronavirus/ 0,9753,7-406-98178_103214_103272-547150--,00.html.”

The health department continues to ask for patience during this period of uncertainty and it asks that individuals please refrain from calling the health department to ask about scheduling the vaccine. It will continue to keep the community updated via press release, social media, its website at and its Public Health Alert. To subscribe to the Public Health Alert, go to The health department reiterated its request for patience as it continues to plan and prepare for additional COVID-19 vaccination clinics.