With a long list of events for the summer already canceled, the Ludington Lakestride is finding ways to keep the event going for those already signed up.

Race director Alicia Christensen, along with the entire Lakestride race committee, met last week to discuss alternative options for the race, and decided to transition the race to a virtual event.

“These are certainly unprecedented times. This is the first time other than a weather cancellation that we won’t be putting on the full race,” said Christensen. “With all of the expenses and plans already put into place, we wanted to find a way to keep this going and we think this is the perfect alternative.”

From June 13 through June 30, those that sign up for either the 5k, 10k, and half marathon will have to run their required distance and upload the data they tracked to the registration site. Medals will be awarded for overall and masters divisions.

With the 40th anniversary celebrations put on hold this summer for the Lakestride, Christensen said that they will wait to roll out their new logo until next year.

“We had come up with a brand new logo and medals for the 40th anniversary, but we decided to wait on that until next year and use a different logo this year with an emphasis put on the virtual race.”

Christensen also mentioned that part of the funds will be donated to the United Way COVID-19 Relief fund, and hopes that will motivate runners to keep signing up as they have in the past.

“This isn’t only to help fundraise, but it’s also important to give people something to look forward to. There hasn’t been much of that lately so hopefully this can be that for a lot of people,” she said.

There will be a discounted rate, with all races costing $25 to compete in. To sign up, head to runsignup.com and search Ludington Lakestride.