MANISTEE — Little River Casino Resort is reopening at 8 a.m., Monday, June 1, the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians announced Friday in a press release.

According to the release, the opening of the resort will be with an approved health and safety program designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The resort has been closed since the end of the day on March 16.

The resort will restrict access to some of its amenities. The amenities that will remain closed are the Big Lakes Buffet, River Rock Sportsbook, White Pine Boutique, the Nectar Spa & Salon and concerts. Initially only persons who are 18-plus years of age will be allowed at the Resort.

Hours of operation for gaming on the slot floor will be 24 hours, table games will be 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday to Sunday will be 24 hours. Sections will be closed after midnight to allow for deep cleaning.

Information is being provided to guests and public through the resort’s website, Facebook and email when possible asking guests to self-assess their health condition prior to considering a visit to the resort as well as what is expected from them while on property. Employees are also asked to self-assess prior to working and are asked to stay home when necessary.

Entrance to the resort will require all guests and employees to have their temperature checked using touchless equipment and to answer a series of questions successfully in order to gain access. Guests are asked to bring a mask to the resort and are recommended to wear it while in public. If a guest does not have a mask and requests one, the resort will supply them with one.

Employees are required to wear masks or face shields when distancing cannot be maintained. Personal masks are required to be cleaned daily and proper disposal of masks will be adhered to.

Guests and employees are encouraged to practice regular sanitary measures by washing and sanitizing their hands frequently and to limit touching their faces. Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the property.

Frequently touched areas have been given additional consideration in the resort’s health and safety program. Cleaning of areas will be increased with sections closed and deep cleaned each day after midnight. Slot machines will be cleaned periodically throughout the day and, when possible, between guests and included in the section cleaning process. Table games chips will be sanitized regularly at the table utilizing UVC light sanitizing technology devices and will be machine-washed at least twice each week while playing cards will be replaced more frequently. Table games tables will be cleaned periodically and upon request.

Additional separation protocols have been implemented to include the installation of Plexiglas partitions in stationary guest interaction areas.

Slot machines have been reconfigured to allow distancing between guests with chairs removed periodically. To increase more space, the resort has removed some machines. This has allowed the placement of smaller groups of games and configurations producing the necessary space for comfort and providing a greater sense of safety. Certain banks of machines may have every other game placed out of service to allow distancing. Table games will also have limited spots available and seats removed to allow adequate distancing.

Areas requiring guests to stand in line or gather have been configured to allow adequate spacing. Floor markings have been installed designating distancing. Signs, markers and stanchions have been placed to assist and direct guests. These areas include Players Club, hotel front desk, restaurants, bars, cashier windows, ATMs, promotional kiosks, self-service stations and other areas. Common areas have been adjusted to accommodate lower occupancy levels and will be adjusted as deemed necessary.

These include the host office, VIP lounge, restaurant seating area and other spaces. To further limit contact in common areas, self-service beverage stations will be staffed with team members who will serve guests their drink requests.

Little River Casino Resort encourages safe and responsible participation in the utilization of its facility. It is the responsibility of our guests to adhere to general health and safety practices. The resort asks that guests conduct themselves in a courteous fashion and expect its employees to treat its guests and each other with respect and kindness. Those not abiding with the resort’s expectations may have their privileges suspended.