MONTAGUE, MI – The City of Montague still met for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Monday, March 16.

Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) panic the city encouraged residents to stay at home, unless they felt it was important for them to attend. The city building will remain closed until further notice.

During the meeting, City Manager Jeff Auch announced that the city would be providing COVID-19 support page on their website that is accessible from the home page. The COVID-19 page is now active, and works as a portal that links to news and information about the virus.

The city will also be working with Pitkin Drug & Gift Shoppe in Whitehall, and Mike’s Family Pharmacy in Montague, to deliver medications to city residents.

Auch said city police officers and volunteers will be the ones making the deliveries. Currently, volunteers are being certified by the police, which includes HIPAA training, and a criminal background check.

These deliveries are being done to help prevent some of the more vulnerable residents from being exposed to the COVID-19 virus. The background checks are meant to insure that the people making the deliveries are someone who can be trusted.

The city is working on creating something that can be displayed on volunteers’ cars. Auch said this will help people identify delivery drivers as they pull into their driveways.

To minimize exposure, the drivers will not be making a hand-to-hand delivery. Instead they will deliver the person’s medication to their door step.

The city is still working out the details with the pharmacies, but Auch said it is likely that drivers will work either during a morning or afternoon shift. In the case of an emergency the driver’s may deliver medications outside the designated delivery hours.

Auch said people interested in volunteering can do so by contacting him at city hall by either calling 231-893-1155 or e-mail at