Spectrum Health dashboard

Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital provides a bi-weekly community update regarding activities and current information. Some content will be related to the COVID-19 pandemic as new information becomes available or changes occur. Other content will be general information related to Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital.

For the latest COVID-19 information, visit www.spectrumhealth.org/covid. For COVID-19 vaccine information, visit https://www.spectrumhealth.org/covid19/covid-19-vaccine.

The dashboard reflects the 16-county region served by Spectrum Health. Local information can be found on the District Health Department NO. 10 web site at www.dhd10.org.

COVID-19 positive cases

The Spectrum Health dashboard as of Jan. 12, 2021 shows 190 COVID-19 positive individuals in Spectrum Health facilities, down from 229 two weeks ago. The seven-day average percent positivity rate is 11%, down from 11.6% two weeks ago and 13.4% four weeks ago. While we are heading in a positive direction now, throughout the summer months, the positivity rate was 2% to 4% and we are eager to see the positivity rate get back to low single-digit numbers. These numbers reflect the 16-county Spectrum Health service area.

As of Jan. 11, there have been 994 confirmed cases in Mason County (up from 907 two weeks ago), 1,637 in Oceana County (up from 1,549 two weeks ago), 636 in Manistee County and 303 in Lake County (up from 569 and 289, respectively two weeks ago). Confirmed cases in our region are reported through District Health Department, Region 10.

Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital is still seeing an increase in its positivity rate. As of January 10, the last day statistics were available, the positivity rate was 6.9%, slightly up from 6.7% two weeks ago and 6.5% four weeks ago.

As of Jan. 12, Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital has one COVID-19 inpatient, down from seven two weeks ago.

We are grateful for the support and kindness expressed by the community over recent weeks as various supporters provided approved meals and other items of support to our team members in recognition for their service to the community through 2020.

COVID-19 vaccination news

Ludington Hospital has now provided first doses of vaccine to nearly all of its team members who have opted for a vaccine at this time, giving out nearly 500 doses over the past several weeks. The responsibility for providing second doses to those team members is of highest priority. Second dose clinics for our team members are planned to start next week for those who have already received their first dose. Vaccines are critical to the health of the community, and the ability to vaccinate our health care team is an important step in ending the pandemic.

As we partner with District Health Department No. 10 to continue prioritizing those who fall in the state designation of Phase 1A, those age 65 and older as well as certain individuals from Phase 1B, we will hold vaccine clinics at Ludington Hospital as doses are available for us to do so. The vaccine distribution is dependent on vaccine supply, which varies from week-to-week. There are no community-wide vaccine clinics scheduled at Ludington Hospital at this time.

If you want to sign up for a vaccine appointment through Spectrum Health at a location outside of Mason County, an appointment is required. While we are looking at other ways to get appointments scheduled, the current process is to utilize MyChart, Spectrum Health’s free health portal app. You do not need to be a patient of Spectrum Health to sign up for a MyChart account. If you cannot access MyChart, please be patient. We are working on making other scheduling options available. As community clinics at different Spectrum Health sites become operational, those options will be available to you through MyChart.

• Step 1: Log in or create a Spectrum Health MyChart account.

We will use Spectrum Health MyChart as a primary means of confirming your eligibility and notifying you when you are able to schedule. For complete instructions on how to create an account, https://www.spectrumhealth.org/app/features?utm_campaign=infectiousdisease-coroanvirus-vaccine&utm_medium=email&utm_source=standalone&utm_content=all-patient-vaccine-update-create-account.

• Step 2: Fill out the COVID-19 Vaccination Survey found in Spectrum Health MyChart.

All Spectrum Health MyChart users ages 16 and older will have a COVID-19 Vaccination Survey available to them in their MyChart account. The survey will ask if you are interested in the COVID-19 vaccine and will help us understand what vaccination phase you are in. Please note: completing this questionnaire does not mean you will be scheduled for an appointment immediately. Because vaccine doses are extremely limited, it could be weeks or even months before your appointment is scheduled.

To find the COVID-19 Vaccination Survey on a desktop follow the steps below. For complete instructions, including instructions for how to access on a mobile device, https://www.spectrumhealth.org/covid19/covid-19-vaccine?utm_campaign=infectiousdisease-coronavirus-vaccine&utm_medium=email&utm_source=standalone&utm_content=all-patient-vaccine-scheduling-update-mychart-instructions.

Upon logging in to your Spectrum Health MyChart on a desktop, click on “Health” at the top of your MyChart screen.

Next, click “Questionnaires” in the menu.

After clicking “Questionnaires” you will see “COVID-19 Vaccination Survey.” Click on the survey and follow on-screen instructions to begin.

• Step 3: You will receive a MyChart message when you are able to schedule your vaccination.

Based on your survey responses, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services vaccine distribution guidance and Spectrum Health’s available vaccine supply, you will receive a notification when you are able to schedule your vaccine appointment. Even when you become eligible, appointments may not be available right away, so we continue to ask for your patience.

At this time, please do not call the hospital or your physician’s office for vaccine scheduling, as appointments cannot be scheduled in that way.

To find out more, go to www.spectrumhealth.org/vaccine.

In addition, you can learn about vaccination efforts across West Michigan at https://vaccinatewestmi.com/. And, you can read frequently asked questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine on the Spectrum Health web site: https://www.spectrumhealth.org/covid19/covid-19-vaccine

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day observance

In observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, Jan. 18, Ludington Hospital medical clinics will be closed. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the closest emergency department. The Ludington Hospital COVID-19 testing location will be open on MLK, Jr. Day from 8:30 a.m. to noon.

Mental health resources for Mason County

When a mental health crisis occurs, friends and family often don’t know what to do. There is help available. Going through an extended period of isolation, compounded by worry and anxiety as the COVID-19 pandemic continues is difficult for many people. Short-term coping mechanisms may begin to wear thin and professional help might be needed. Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital has developed a resource guide to provide information about where and how to get help. https://www.wmcmhs.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Mental-Health-Brochure-Mason-County.pdf

We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions

Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Regional Market Leader and President, Drew Dostal, wants to provide a way for the community to ask questions and provide suggestions. Please email any constructive comments you’d like to share to: Northwestrmlmailbox@spectrumhealth.org. Your message could include a question you have for which you’d like an answer or a suggestion for the hospital regarding something you’d like us to consider or know. Send your thoughts.

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