LANSING – After thoughtful consideration, Bob Carr has decided to launch his write-in campaign for US Senate.

After a lengthy battle with the Secretary of State’s office, Bob Carr’s petition signatures were denied, ending his chances of appearing on the ballot for US Senate this November.

“We did everything right, and they did everything in their power to drag out the process until we lost our chance,” Carr said.

But Mr. Carr did not stop there. He felt a strong call to action. He was dissatisfied with the lack of impactful results from Michigan’s senators. And he felt that the State of Michigan had failed both him and the voters through his petition shutdown.

“We did everything in our power to play by the rules. But the Secretary of State’s office shut us down with astonishing ease. Something must be done, and I believe my duty is to keep this fight going.”

Carr has travelled extensively across the state, and understands the vital importance of family and community. He believes it’s time for Michigan to assert itself in Washington, and make the tough calls necessary to make it through the challenges of the day.

“Citizens deserve the chance to vote for someone who the system takes so much issue with. Political parties and bureaucrats don’t scare me. It’s time to do the heavy lifting the people of Michigan need and deserve,” Carr stated.

Bob and his wife Karen Carr are hitting the campaign trail in full force. They affirm that they have the determination it takes to make Michigan a better place.