The home of Bonnie and Ron Gorzynski is the Mason County Garden Club’s Garden of the Month for September.

The Gorzynskis live at 323 N. Lewis St., Ludington. It is located at the intersection of Lewis and Haight streets.

Foundation plantings of hydrangeas, hostas, boxwood, cedars and potted annuals accent the front of the Gorzynski’s red home and porch.

A narrow side yard path is lined with hydrangeas, zinnias, hostess and colorful impatiens.

The backyard has several blue colored big leaf hydrangeas from the Star Watch Case Company that was in Ludington and a large stand of zinnias had an abundance of monarch butterflies.

Along a picket fence in the backyard are Concord grape vines growing on a trellis and a row of hydrangeas. The opposite side of the yard features Baptisia (false indigo), hydrangeas and an ornamental antique birdhouse and chair.

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