Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital transitioned to a bi-weekly community update regarding activities and current information. Some content will be related to the COVID-19 pandemic, as new information or changes become available. Other content will be general information related to Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital.

For the latest COVID-19 information, Spectrum Health encourages the public to visit spectrumhealth.org/covid-19.

COVID-19 positive cases

There have been 42 confirmed cases in Mason County, 270 in Oceana County, 15 in Manistee County and six in Lake County. Confirmed cases will be reported through District Health Department No. 10. There have been 3,145 specimens collected at Ludington Hospital, with 1,071 of those tested in the Ludington Hospital laboratory and the remainder tested at the Spectrum Health laboratory in Grand Rapids. Of those tested, 142 have had a positive result, which is 4.52% of the total specimens collected.

New Northwest Regional Market Leader named

Drew Dostal, former Ludington Hospital vice president of operations, has been selected as the new regional market leader for Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital, Gerber Memorial and all Spectrum Health associated clinics in Mason, Oceana, Newaygo and Muskegon counties. Drew’s first day in his new role will be Monday, Aug. 3. Drew and his wife, Dena, are returning to the area after spending several years in the western part of the U.S., where Drew most recently served as CEO of Plains Regional Medical Center in Clovis, New Mexico, a 106-bed hospital with a Level IV trauma center employing 600 people. Drew’s achievements as a health care leader include developing partnerships to expand behavioral health programs; investing in community health efforts; identifying needed services and recruiting specialists; and implementing strategies to improve patients’ experiences with health care. His experience will be well-matched with priorities at Spectrum Health.

If you suspect you have COVID-19

If you have symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath, Spectrum Health offers virtual screening and phone screening options for advice on what to do next. For links and the telephone number for screening, go to www.spectrumhealth.org/covid19

What Spectrum Health is doing to keep patients safe

As a health care provider, Spectrum Health is dedicated to improve health, inspire hope and save lives. Its team members are working hard every day to keep patients and team members safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Team members are screened prior to every shift to ensure they do not have symptoms of COVID-19. While working, they wear face shields, masks, gloves and gowns as appropriate for the level of care they are providing. Spectrum Health also adopted additional cleaning measures to keep surfaces disinfected at regular intervals. In addition, Spectrum Health has implemented social distancing in all of its hospitals and clinics, and require team members, visitors and patients to wear masks in its facilities.

Surge modeling shows late winter spike

Spectrum Health continues to work its proprietary modeling software to review surge potential and bed / ventilator capacity over the coming months. Current modeling takes into account all previous actual data and shows a continuation of the curve flattening from its projections a few weeks ago. The curve is a reflection of rising COVID-19 cases and a health system’s capacity to handle the spike based on its available beds, ventilators and ICU resources. A flattening curve does not mean that cases are going down but rather that the rate of increase, due to social distancing and other behaviors recommended by public health authorities, is low enough not to overwhelm available health care resources. Its model shows that its “surge,” or peak of the curve, will come in late 2020 into early 2021. Spectrum Health will continue to add real-time data into modeling software, evaluate the projections and keep the community updated.

COVID-19 testing on the rise

Testing within the Spectrum Health system is increasing, with nearly 2,000 tests results per day. A recent enhancement is the availability of virtual screening and self-scheduling through MyHealth, Spectrum Health’s patient portal. If someone does not have a MyHealth account, sign up for one with an email address and schedule a test through that account. To get an account, go to myhealth.spectrumhealth.org/login

Requiring masks in the hospital setting

There is much that is still not known about COVID-19. However, Spectrum Health is committed to evidence-based practice in all aspects of the care provided at its facilities. At this time, infectious disease experts across the state and nation recommend masks as a means of preventing the spread of COVID-19 and masks are required to be worn within all Spectrum Health locations. If a medical condition prevents you from wearing a mask and you need to come to the hospital for testing or an appointment, please have a written note from your primary care provider indicating the medical condition for which a mask exception is given. These exceptions will be honored with written notification. Get more information about the usefulness of masks healthbeat.spectrumhealth.org/yes-you-should-wear-a-face-mask-prevent-spread-covid19

Philanthropy helps children across state

Thanks to a generous philanthropic donation, Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital is the first hospital on the west side of Michigan to have sophisticated imaging machinery that offers magnetoencephalography (MEG) to take video images of brain waves. Useful for treating children and adults with epilepsy and brain tumors, this new technology will help Spectrum Health save lives of children across the state and beyond.

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