The Mason County Rural Fire Authority announced Sunday that Carlene Zielinksi was named the new authority administrator.

The authority provides fire and medical first responder coverage for 16 municipalities in the county with departments in Scottville, Riverton, Custer, Fountain, Free Soil, Branch and Grant townships. Zielinski will replace Shannon Stickney. Stickney will stay on as an authority fireman, according to a press release from the authority.

Zielinski lives in Manistee and has experience and education in firefighting and EMT work.

“Through my experiences in the Coast Guard to working as a program manager in my prior positions, all have prepared me in countless ways to deal with people of all ages and backgrounds as well as the ability to supervise, perform administrative duties, play and carry out operation and training,” she stated in the release.

“I work hard at developing relationships and communications across agencies and accomplishing every task thoroughly. My leadership, experiences and education have aided in better preparation of (standard operating procedures) and how to better implement (them).”

She owns a master’s degree in emergency management from the University of Maryland and a similar degree from Northwest Florida State College, according to the release. She has 20 years of experience with the Coast Guard with 10 of those serving as a chief machinery technician with an emphasis on maintaining records and required information on hazard material. She was a part of the maritime law enforcement teams conducting inspections on private and commercial vessels. She was the Rhode Island Military Woman of the Year, Coast Guard Enlisted Person of the Year runner-up for the fireman first class Paul Clark Boat Engineer Award.

The authority stated Zielinski will bring “a great deal of strength to the authority in further developing our training function, including monitoring the never-ending state and federal and medical mandates, improve the budgeting process, monitor new equipment purchase and continue to strengthen the overall readiness of each department and more.”

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