Gateway to Success Academy

SCOTTVILLE — The mission of Gateway to Success Academy is expanding as educators find new ways to meet the needs of students and, before the end of the week, that mission will lead to the other side of the world — literally.

With one student — 12-year-old Logan Kibbey of Scottville — moving to Cairo, Egypt for the 2018-19 school year Gateway to Success staff members are preparing for the challenge of keeping that student engaged from 7,000 miles away.

“It’s uncharted territory,” said Virtual Learning Coach Phil Quinlan, who has been guiding Kibbey through the process of setting up the required technology to remain a G2S enrollee during his year abroad.

“We have developed a unique online learning experience unlike any I know throughout the region,” Quinlan said. “We want a richer experience.”

For Kibbey, that experience will involve the use of new technologies, from apps and special software to video logs, travel journals and  GoPro cameras provided by the school to help him document his journey. Apps like Flipgrid and Zoom will allow Kibbey and Quinlan to interact, talk through lesson plans and collaborate on independent projects to make the most of the experience for both student and teacher.

“Our promise at G2S is that we interface with students every day, face-to-face,” Quinlan said. “That’s a challenge with Logan because (Superintendent) Jamie (Bandstra) isn’t going to let me fly out to Egypt.”

Quinlan said he intends to make sure that promise is kept using interactive technology, ensuring and that Kibbey gets as close as possible to in-person interactions with peers and educators. Every day, Kibbey will log on to the Virtual Learning Café, an online classroom where he can communicate not just with Quinlan, but with other students utilizing the school’s virtual learning tools closer to home.

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