RAVENNA — The first of four West Michigan Conference jamborees was run in Ravenna on Tuesday and the Hart girls team ran away with the first three places and took the overall meet as a team.

Sophomore Alyson Enns lead the way with a time of 19:04.39 followed by freshman Jessica Jazwinski at 19:39.13, and senior Audrianna Enns clocking a 19:51.09.

Mason County Central finished sixth, with senior Jaden Petersen crossing the finish line first for MCC and 21st overall with a time of 24:22.41.

“Overall, I was pleased with the results for our first jamboree,” said MCC coach Ed Sanders. “It was hot, humid and windy for the girls race and the times were slower as a result. By the time the boys team ran, it had cooled off and the times were a little faster as a result.”

Hart’s boys won its jamboree, besting Whitehall by 30 points. The Spartans were fourth. Hart was paced by Clayton Ackley, who won the race. The Pirates placed their top four runners seventh or better.

Central was led by Hunter Sanford, who was 11th.

Hart and Mason County Central run at 11 a.m. on Friday at the Michigan State University Invite in East Lansing.

GIRLS TEAM RESULTS: Hart 22, Whitehall 45, Oakridge 105, Shelby 119, Montague 121, Mason County Central 141, Ravenna 183.

HART: 1-Alyson Enns, 19:04.39. 2-Jessica Jazwinski, 19:39.13. 3-Audrianna Enns, 19:51.09. 9-Lexie Beth Nienhuis, 22:01.98. 11-Lauren VanderLaan, 22:23.92. 15-Abigail Pretty, 23:41.68. 16-Savanna Owens, 23:42.50. 17-Brooklyn Carter, 23:48.36. 22-Lauren Pretty, 24:28.67. 23-Lilly Hopkins, 24:35.15. 32-Morgan Marvin, 26:30.14. 33-Morgan Marvin, 26:30.14. 34-Harriet Kidder, 26:33.49. 40-Kelly VanderKodde, 28:07.72. 61-Anaya VanderZwaag, 31:42.75.

MASON COUNTY CENTRAL: 21-Jaden Petersen, 24:22.41. 38-Emily Adams, 27:10.61. 39-Jayden Baker, 27:16.85. 43-Gracie Weinert, 28:30.86. 45-Nyvaeh Wendt, 28:51.59. 46-Ava Brooks, 28:54.85. 50-Mya Sterley, 29:29.69. 64-Sereniti Johnson, 33:32.25. 65-AshlynRose Kelley, 33:34.76. 69-Lily Stone, 34:59.07.

BOYS TEAM RESULTS: Hart 28, Whitehall 58, North Muskegon 95, Mason County Central 108, Shelby 130, Oakridge 141, Ravenna 157.

HART: 1-Clayton Ackley, 16:59.83. 2-Noah Bosley, 17:27.08. 6-Seth Ackley, 17:49.14. 7-Wyatt Dean, 17:51.31. 14-Max Nienhuis, 18:49.15. 18-Josef Bromley, 19:04.13. 19-Easton Vander Swaag 19:13.87. 26-Tyler Vanderzanden, 19:56.01. 29-Avery Guikema, 20:26.61. 36-Kai Miller, 20:52.57. 39-Brandon Vanderzanden, 21:20.57. 45-Ethan Schaner, 21:45.84. 64-James Galindo, 32:00.83. 66-Jefferson Lorenz, 32:49.33.

MASON COUNTY CENTRAL: 11-Hunter Sanford, 18:19.03. 15-Gavin Shirey, 18:49.80. 30-Cullen Kraus-McCarty, 20:29.50. 32-Brady Anes, 20:41.03. 43-Tyler Thurow, 21:31.59. 46-Braylin Thurow, 21:57.63. 51-Zane McCabe, 22:29.24. 59-Asher Johnson, 25:06.61. 60-Taiden Kovolski, 29:14.37. 61-Jacob Failor, 29:17.27. 65-Jacob Maidens, 32:30.99.

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