project based learning

SCOTTVILLE — Students in one of Phil Quinlan’s Mason County Central Middle School social studies classes spent Thursday sharing their project-based learning assignments on ancient empires with students in the elementary schools.

“To sit here today and just listen to the interaction blows my mind,” Quinlan said. “It exceeds my expectations and I don’t think you test this in the form of a standardized test.”

The projects on ancient empires included everything from Egyptians worship God of Ra to the assassination of Philip II to the Persians conquest of the Greek empire.

Seventh-grader Leah Brooke did her project on how horses impacted each ancient empire from Rome, Egypt, Persia and India to Greece.

“Project-based learning is really fun for the students because you get to control what you do,” the seventh-grader said. “You do not have to go from a textbook. Mr. Quinlan lets you venture off to do whatever you want.”

Brooke said this is her first project-based learning assignment and she would like to do more.

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