Michelle Kuster

Dr. Michelle Kuster addresses the employees at Metalworks to announce she is working with the Ludington business to provide a recovery coach for employees affected by addiction.

Addiction is widespread, wreaking havoc on people’s personal lives — and the area’s workforce.

Businesses are combating it in a variety of ways. 

For Metalworks, that now means a recovery coach within the Ludington metal office furniture manufacturer.

Dr. Michelle Kuster and her business Connexion Point have partnered with Metalworks to help those who are struggling with addiction, know someone struggling with addiction and help those who are already on the path to recovery. 

“Addiction affects all of us,” Kuster said last week in her talk to Metalworks employees to announce the program. “I’m pretty sure if I asked you guys to raise your hand (that) many people have been affected or know somebody affected,” she said. 

Many in the crowd raised their hands. 

Kuster shows passion when it comes to talking about treating addiction as a disease. 

“We can’t just turn our head,” Kuster said. “If we really believe this is something like diabetes or cancer, we need to help these people. Take away that stigma and take away that shame, offer something like what is being offered here. Start talking about it. 

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