Eileen Bennett made sure some of her habits and traditions kept going, even at 100.

The Ludington resident celebrated her 100th birthday recently. She’s still fairly active, living in the home her brother built for her years ago, said one of her caretakers, Martha Andreadis.

“She used to walk to beach from her house (on Ferry Street) every day,” she said.

Bennett celebrated her birthday last weekend at Barley & Rye in downtown Ludington. Bennett’s other caretaker, Sue Weinert, said there were 35 people there to celebrate with her. Weinert and Andreadis were grateful for those folks who helped to celebrate Bennett’s birthday with her.

On Friday, the pair were sharing Bennett’s story with the Daily News while Bennett was getting her hair done — a habit she’s long upheld.

There are others.

“She makes sure she has a glass of wine at 5 o’clock,” Andreadis said. “She has tomatoes everyday, and her glass of wine.”

Weinert said Bennett never married, and her mother was Irish, coming here when she met an American and married.

Bennett received dozens of cards for the well wishes. And, she also took part in another longtime tradition — having a shot of Wild Turkey with her great nephew for her birthday.

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