Mason County Central Class of 2020, we are honoring you! You deserve to be celebrated and honored! We may not be having a traditional graduation, but we still want to recognize you! We aren’t the usual graduation speakers, but, we are your celebration speakers! Your last year at MCC was cut short, and that has been difficult. It happened fast and left you wondering and in shock. None of us like it, and we know it hasn’t been easy. But we also know this has been necessary for your health, and the health of your family and loved ones. We know that we will all get through this, because we are strong, strong Spartans! These last 4 years have probably been the most fun of your lives, but it’s probably been more challenging than you may have anticipated. So many of you were involved and did your part. It hasn’t always been easy, but you showed us what it really means to be a Spartan. You showed us all that anything is possible with your effort and your attitude. You have been champions in the classroom and in the arena of competition! The day will come when you look back on this time and wonder: “What might have been?” Now, though, is the time to look ahead! How will you make your mark in the future? Your opportunities are limited only by your imagination! There are Spartans in all places, and all fields, all over the globe, who are leaders and changers. Along your way, never forget where you came from. And Always remember we will be here for you. Don’t make this time about what you didn’t have. Rather, make it about what you have learned, and how you will use that knowledge to develop what you will become. We are all Spartans, and all of us say “CONGRATULATIONS Class of 2020!” It’s time to celebrate YOU! We are proud of who you are, what you have done, and what you will become! Because we know, that you know, the SPARTAN WAY!