Nico Blaine Cory, 29, of Custer, was sentenced to nine months of jail with five months to be served up front for assault to do great bodily harm by strangulation and 93 days in jail for stolen property receiving and concealing less than $200 Tuesday at 51st Circuit Court.

“Assaults by strangulation are very, very serious cases. Those that perpetuate an offense are at extreme risk for much more serious harm being committed to others to the point of domestic violence involving death,” said Mason County Prosecuting Attorney Paul Spaniola.

Spaniola said the defendant stated that the relationship between the victim and Cory is “toxic,” and the presentencing report stated Cory had a lengthy substance abuse history.

“The defendant claims he no longer engages in methamphetamine or heroin use,” Spaniola said.

Spaniola also told the judge that all but one of the cases involving Cory result in a deferral.

“My client has served 18 days in jail and I think he understands the terms of what the court expects of him now,” defense attorney Al Swanson said.

Swanson said his client knows he has a toxic relationship which is good for him to understand now and the continued involvement will not be useful to either party in the future.

“He has at least taken the steps in the right direction,” Swanson said.

He was also sentenced to one year and six months for probation for assault to do great bodily harm by strangulation.

“You must complete the CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) program and that is a condition of your probation.” Judge Susan Sniegowski said. She said that CBT was a very important part of his probation.

“It’s important to you to recognize that you stop blaming other people. You are not here because of the toxic relationship, you are here because of your own actions,” Sniegowski said.

Cory must pay $783 in fines and costs and there was no probation for stolen property receiving and concealing less than $200. The two sentences run concurrently.