A Holland man, who was charged with delivery of less than 50 grams of cocaine, was sentenced to one year probation and counseling Tuesday in 51st Circuit Court.

Andrew Robert Bates was placed on probation for one year and ordered to attend and complete substance abuse counseling and to follow their recommendations.

In rendering her sentence, Judge Susan Sniegowski said that the guidelines in the case called for 0-9 months incarceration. Because those guidelines are under 18 months it means no jail time is recommended in those guidelines.

Bates has no criminal history and his involvement in the crime was organizing the transaction with an undercover police officer.

Bates’ defense attorney, Sarah Valente, said that her client had removed himself from associating with the crowd that he was hanging around with in Ludington.

“He was smart enough to see that was the big problem,” she said. “He’s a first time offender. He’s now living in Holland, has a full-time job and is looking into getting substance abuse treatment.”

In addition to the probation, the judge ordered that he obtain his GED and get some residential stability in his life. Bates was ordered to pay $858 in fines, costs, restitution and other court fees and a $20 per month monitoring fee.

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