Jeffrey Clay Young, 49, was sentenced to one year in jail with nine months to be served up front and credit for 90 days for pleading guilty to uttering and publishing at the 51st Circuit Court Tuesday.

The charges were the result April 7 offense where he attempted to cash a check that was not his at a Wesco in Ludington. He pleaded guilty to the charge on May 29.

“The victim is a single mother who struggles to meet ends meat,” said prosecuting attorney Lauren Kreinbrink.

Defense attorney Al Swanson said, “In regards to restitution, my client was unable to make that payment.”

Young is lacking sufficient funds to take care of the matter and now owes money to the bank, not the victim, according to Swanson.

Judge Susan K. Sniegowski said because the restitution has not been paid, a higher amount of jail time was recommended.

He was also sentenced to two years probation. Young must pay $878.70 in fines and costs, including $220.70 in restitution.