Robert Anthony Pierce, 22, of Ludington, was sentenced to one year in jail and must serve six months up front in the county jail for child abusive commercial activity distributing or promoting child abuse Monday at 51st Circuit Court.

Judge Susan Sniegowski said Pierce was involved in videotaping himself and a 16-year-old female having sex in April 2018.

“It’s a very unusual circumstance. This is a real concern in our society. It is that 16 and 17 years old are old enough to engage in sexual activity. Therefore it is not criminal sexual conduct. But if they videotape it, you now have a strict liability crime where there is no intent required,” Sniegowski said.

Sniegowski said she did not have a statement from the victim, and it was very disturbing reading the transcript from the video.

“You made a choice to videotape yourself during (a) sexual activity. It was discovered by the young woman’s parents,” she said.

Sniegowski said the situation is wrong on so many levels.

“There was a lot of drug use involved. It’s a really serious problem that we see more and more of people videotaping themselves in intimate situations,” Sniegowski said.

When either party is 16 or 17 years of age, that is against the law, she said. Even though the behavior is not against the law.

“You cannot videotape yourself with someone under the age of 18,” Sniegowski said.

Pierce must pay $658 in fines and costs.