Zachary Alan Shurlow

Cheryl Higginson | Daily News

Zachary Alan Shurlow and his attorney, Cory Rickett, at the Mason County Courthouse Thursday during Shurlow’s sentencing.

A Ludington man was sentenced to consecutive and concurrent terms with the Michigan Department of Corrections on several charges Thursday in 51st Circuit Court.

Zachary Alan Shurlow, 28, 618 1/2 E. Melendy St., was sentenced from two different case files and seven separate charges before Judge Susan K. Sniegowski.

On the charge of delivery/manufacture a controlled substance, less than 25 grams, and being a habitual offender, fourth offense, he was sentenced to six to 60 years.

That charge was lodged when Shurlow allegedly smuggled fentanyl into the Mason County Jail during a booking on a probation violation Feb. 13, 2020.

In a separate case file, on two charges of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony Shurlow was sentenced to two years each, for a total of four years, with the MDOC. The felony firearm charges must be served prior to Shurlow serving any time on the other charges and they must be consecutive. He will also not be awarded jail time credit for those crimes.

On the other four charges from the same file he was sentenced to six to 60 years with the MDOC. On each of those six charges an additional count of being a habitual offender fourth offense was added. Those other charges include felonious assault, for which he was given a term of six to 15 years; receiving and concealing weapons; carrying a concealed weapon; and possession of a firearm by a felon. He can receive the 365 days of jail time credit for time served on these crimes. He was arrested by Ludington Police Oct. 7, 2020 in this incident.

“You are at the age when you can chose whether you want to make some changes,” Sniegowski told Shurlow. “You can come out of this a better person.

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