A Ludington man who ran his girlfriend’s car off the road, reportedly over a relationship problem, was sentenced to jail time Tuesday in 51st Circuit Court before Judge Susan K. Sniegowski.

Rudy Lee Walkley, 31, of 5277 S. Pere Marquette Highway, was sentenced to concurrent jail terms for attempted felonious assault and domestic violence. He was also placed on probation for 18 months for the domestic violence charge.

He was sentenced to a year in the Mason County Jail for the attempted felonious assault. He was ordered to serve three months of the jail term now, with the rest to be served at the court’s discretion over the next 18 months. He reported to the jail Tuesday night to begin the sentence.

On the misdemeanor charge of domestic violence, he was sentenced to 93 days in jail, with three months to be served now. He was not placed on probation for that charge. He was ordered to pay a total $1,248 for both offenses. That money covers fines, costs, restitution and other court fees.

Prosecuting Attorney Paul Spaniola said one of the most disturbing details of the case was the fact that Walkley says he’s still in a relationship with the victim.

“That along with the fact that he forced her car off the road last January because they were having problems and that there was reportedly a gun involved is very disturbing to me,” Spaniola said. “A handgun was never recovered, but nonetheless, forcing her car off the road is serious in itself.”

He said that he had dealt with Walkley frequently 13 years ago but then those complaints stopped. Then a year ago Walkley was arrested on a charge of resisting and opposing a police officer.

“And that brings us to court today for these problems,” Spaniola continued. “For 12 years this young man stayed out of trouble, so we know he can do it.

“The choice is yours now,” he added, looking at Walkley. “I hope you choose the right path, and we don’t see you again.”

Defense attorney Doug Stevenson said he too was disturbed about the report of a gun being involved, but added too that no gun was ever found.

“I think the most serious aspect of all this is that he did run her car off the road,” Stevenson said. “That could have had potentially serious results.”

Stevenson expressed his concern for his client having to serve jail time with the current COVID pandemic and asked that Walkley be placed on electronic monitoring instead.

Judge Sniegowski addressed a letter that had been received by the court just Tuesday morning from the victim in the case.

“This court has repeatedly made attempts to contact the victim but with no success,” the judge said. “She also did not acknowledge the chance to be present in court today, to make a statement if she wished.”