A Pentwater woman who said she finally realized she was a “sick person trying every day to get well” was sentenced to jail time and probation for the felony charge of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants, third offense.

Paula Sue Fornner-Lundberg, 56, of 6413 S. Stiles Road, Pentwater, was sentenced to one year in jail and 18 months probation by Judge Susan K. Sniegowski Tuesday in 51st Circuit Court. Lundberg was ordered to serve 60 days of the jail term beginning Dec. 4 at 8 p.m. and was given two days credit for time already served. She was placed on SSCRAM (electronic alcohol tether) and ordered to pay $1,193, which includes paying at the rate of $30 per month for the electronic monitor and $30 per month supervision fee.

Lundberg told the court Tuesday that she was a different person today than that day that she was arrested.

“I have finally realized that I’m not a bad person, but a person with an illness and that I have to take it one day at a time,” she said. “And I can’t believe a whole different world that has opened up for me since I’ve been sober.”

Her attorney Jeffrey P. West, said that Lundberg had attended 315 A.A. meetings since her arrest. The meetings have been nearly daily, and sometimes more than one time a day.

“Not only has my client found help with A.A. and participated, she has kept notes of each meeting,” he said showing the court a packet inches thick.

“I think this is her best shot to maintain sobriety,” he continued. “She had voluntarily attended a two week inpatient substance abuse treatment program last March. She had continued with outpatient treatment.

“She has found a strength and new hope through A.A.,” West said.”And her sponsor is present in the courtroom today to give her his support.”

He asked that she be able to report to work after Dec. 1 because of her work commitments.

Judge Sniegowski said this was Lundberg’s first felony, but that she had five prior impaired driving arrests.

“But I am very impressed by how you have embraced the help, used the tools available to you and expressed your willingness to change,” Judge Sniegowski said.

Sniegowski said she have received many letters supporting Lundberg from her place at work and A.A.

“I think, I hope you realize this time that this is not a temporary fix, but that it’s something you will have to work on, the rest of your life,” the judge added. “And reach out for support when you need it, you have a lot of it out there.”

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