SCOTTVILLE — Though in-person classes for the Mason-Lake Adult Education Program have been paused due to a recent COVID-19 case, the program is continuing in a remote-learning capacity and is even accepting new students.

“We felt — for our students, our adults and parents — that this is a service we could provide from home,” Program Director Liz Stark told the Daily News. “Our program runs wonderfully on distance learning, which is what we’re doing currently.”

Stark said the students in the program are thriving in the unique learning situation, and she added that they’re committed to continuing their education regardless of the obstacles.

“This is adults we’re talking about. It’s not kids. So when students need to get the work done, they get the work done,” she said.

On Tuesday, the Daily News reported that two Mason County locations for the adult-education program — Scottville United Methodist Church and the Lakeshore Resource Network — are currently not holding in-person classes as several students undergo quarantine.

Stark noted that the Lake County location, at the Michigan Works office in Baldwin, is also refraining from holding face-to-face classes, but she stressed that “adult ed is up and running.”

“We’re available for anybody who wants to enroll,” she said.

Stark said instruction through the Mason-Lake Adult Education Program continued in a remote capacity even during the state-mandated stay-at-home order in the spring.

“We stayed open,” she said. “Even when the school districts closed, we did not.”

There will be a re-evaluation regarding whether or not to resume in-person classes on Dec. 6, but Stark said she suspects they could remain closed for the remainder of the year.

She said the program is open to anyone who wants to continue their education, both high-school graduates and non-graduates alike.

The program is set to have five or six graduates this academic year, which marks the 50th anniversary of the program. Graduates will include students from both Mason and Lake counties, according to Stark.

To learn more about the Mason-Lake Adult Education Program, and its current distance-learning options, call Stark at (231) 757-3713.

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