A former substitute teacher for Manistee Public Schools is now charged with accosting a 14-year-old student for immoral purposes.

The teacher, Corbin Tyler Swiastyn, 29, of Manistee, was arraigned on the charge in 85th District Court Wednesday and has not been teaching at the school district since the investigation into his conduct was launched May 22.

“We did issue a general concern to the other schools in the ISD (intermediate school district) in May,” Manistee Superintendent John Chandler said about warning other local schools that Swiastyn was under investigation and would not work at Manistee schools any more.

Chandler also said he wants to make sure he is not violating Swiastyn’s rights as an American because at this point he is charged with a crime but not convicted.

“I think that what is important for people to know is our substitutes are fingerprinted and given a background check and there was nothing in his background check that indicated he should not be substituting,” Chandler said.

Manistee police began investigating a complaint of an inappropriate relationship between an adult male, who was, at the time, a substitute teacher for Manistee Area Public Schools and a 14-year-old student, according to Dave Bachman, Manistee director of public safety.

Police executed search warrants on Swiastyn’s email accounts and had his computer searched by the Michigan State Police crime lab before arresting him and charging him with accosting for immoral purposes — a four-year felony.

The victim was 14 at the time of the crime and came into contact with Swiastyn as his student.  

The case came to light when a friend of the victim alerted the school principal and a search of the student’s school-issued computer produced evidence of the relationship.

The school district immediately cut ties with Swiastyn and turned the case over to the police.

This case was brought to light prior to any sexual contact between the victim and the suspect.

Swiastyn was booked and fingerprinted at the Manistee County Jail. His bond was set at $5,000, 10 percent,  and Bachman said he remains free pending further court action.


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