Donald Johnson, better known as “Corn,” passed away in 2020. He was 91 years old, and not a day goes by that he is not missed by friends, family and his wife of 66 years, Joan.

On Friday, his former Gaylord Avenue neighbor, Mollie McNutt, paid tribute to Corn by placing candy at his “magical” candy tree in the avenue’s 300 block.

Corn used to leave candy for the neighborhood kids who would walking to Lakeview Elementary School.

“It was just so cool that he would think of something like this,” Mollie said. “He used to get the biggest kick out if it. But that was just who he was.”

Mollie, who lives in Utah, was not able to make it home to Ludington for Corn’s funeral because of the pandemic, but wanted to make sure he was memorialized.

On Friday, Joan and Mollie talked and shared memories about him in front of the old oak tree, known as Corn’s candy tree.

Mollie had a small placard made for Corn that read: “Corn Johnson’s Magical Candy Tree, in loving memory of Corn Johnson and his generosity of spirit.”

Joan shared the story of how Corn got his nickname.

“He was known as Corn all the way through school because in second grade he called everything corny,” she said.

Joan said there were five Donald Johnsons living in Ludington when they were married.

Mollie said that both Joan and Corn were very influential in her life and in her son’s life.

“He always had a joke. He told the coolest stories, (and) he was always willing to help,” she said. “Everyone loved him. They do not come any better.”

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