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Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole, address a crowd Friday at Mason County Eastern High School on Friday as Undersheriff Derrek Wilson looks on. Sheriff Cole honored the actions of four MCE students: Lydia Howe, Skylar Harry, Hillary Howe and Corinna Hernandez for their heroic actions on Feb. 16 at the scene of a serious traffic accident. MCE Superintendent Paul Shoup looks on as Cole talks about the students actions.

CUSTER — Four Mason County Eastern students were honored Friday for their actions during serious traffic accident on U.S. 10 on Feb. 16.

Those students — Lydia Howe, Hillary Howe, Skyler Harry and Corinna Hernandez — were driving back to Mason County Eastern from West Shore Community College when they witnessed a serious traffic accident on U.S. 10 and provided aid to a critically injured person.

“Because of the actions of these four young ladies, a heart beats today that probably would have been silenced that afternoon,” Cole told all those gathered for their homecoming pep assembly in the Mason County Eastern gym on Friday.

“There is a plaque, outside of the sheriff’s office, near the statue, that honors Michigan State Police Trooper Paul Butterfield, that starts with a Bible verse, Isiah 6:8: ‘Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!’” he said.

Cole told those gathered it is really easy to pass by emergency scenes when you do not know anybody involved. These four took action, and those actions probably saved a life.

Lydia Howe said they witnessed the accident and she called 911 while the others went to check on the person inside of the vehicle. Then they directed traffic until help arrived.

Harry, who happens to be taking classes at the college and is certified in CPR and first aid, checked her pulse along with Hilliary Howe. The girls knew not to move the injured individual, but stayed with her and kept her warm and as comfortable as possible until help arrived.

When the students first saw the accident happen there was no hesitation, according to all four.

“That just happened and someone needs help right now,” Lydia Howe said. “We were on scene about 45 minutes and waiting in the car to talk with emergency personnel.”

After being recognized by the sheriff and undersheriff, Harry’s mom walked out of the gym with tears in her eyes as her daughter and the others were honored.

“I am so proud of her, but I would not expect anything less for her,” said PJ Trim. “What she did, I am just amazed. I have no words for it. To have the school recognize all four girls — I watched then all grow up — I am so proud of every one of them and would not expect anything less from any of them.”

Trim said her daughter is going through a medical program through West Shore Community College, and when she got out of car, the training that she has kicked in.

Cole said it is remarkable for someone that young to have that much poise and control under such a highly stressful situation. A lot of us adults would not do the things that these young ladies did, he said after Undersheriff Derrek Wilson handed out the certificates to recognize the girls’ heroic actions

“I am just so proud. We have a great story about some young people in our community,” Cole said. “There are a lot of those great stories, and we would like to recognize more of them.”

MCE Superintendent Paul Shop had nothing but praise for the four, who he considers top-notch kids that are every bit of what it means to be a Cardinal.

“They are always there willing to help,” Shop said. “In that situation, it does not surprise me that they would jump out and lend a hand without thinking of how it would affect (them). They did it, and it has affected them. I am super proud of those girls.”

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