PENTWATER — Hundreds of children participated in the annual Colleen Plummer’s Easter on the Green Saturday.

More than 10,000 plastic eggs filled with candy dotted the Village Green and within five minutes all of the colorful eggs, including the two special golden eggs, were picked up and placed into bags, baskets and in some cases even mom’s coat pocket made for a safe storage place.

The Easter egg hunt kicked off at noon under sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-40s.

Jill Plummer, of the Antler Bar, and daughter of Colleen, said the hunt has been going on since she was a child and said her mom and dad have always sponsored and been involved with the Easter egg Hunt.

“They used to boil real eggs,” she said. “I remember as a child taking part, we used to dye the eggs, my parents would use spray paint the gold and silver eggs. They would have eggs boiling at my grandmothers house, at the Antler Bar. My family has owned the Antler Bar my whole life.”

Plummer said Pentwater did not have the hunt last year, due to the pandemic.

“That was very sad,” she said. “This is part of the Pentwater tradition, and my family tradition to be doing this the Saturday before Easter every year.”

Plummer said last year, families still were able to participate online by decorating Easter baskets and bonnets and prizes were still given out.

“We did what we could last year to give children to look forward to,” she said.

The Village Green was split into two groups of children, one side was for kids six years old and younger and the other was for children seven years old and older.

Plummer said the number of children who participate each year depends on the weather.

Plummer said the volunteers who stuff the plastic eggs usually get together at the Antler Bar during a Business After Hours, but this year because of a winter storm, it was canceled this year.

“We were going to go outside at the Channel Lane Inn, but it was snowing on Thursday, so that got canceled,” she said. “We had volunteers come and pick up eggs and candy and stuff them at their houses this year. That is how the 10,000 eggs got stuffed this year.”

This is truly a community event that continues to grow every year, according to Plummer.

The Pentwater Chamber of Commerce along with their sponsors, The Antler Bar and Ludington Beverage put on the annual event at the Village Green.

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