JWhite Properties will be negotiating with Ludington Area Schools after the district’s board of education decided 6-1 to choose its bid for the Lakeview Elementary School property in a special meeting Tuesday in the high school library.

Superintendent Jason Kennedy reviewed the top two bids with the board of education with more than two dozen community members in attendance.

The bids included the JWhite Properties’ bid for $240,000 cash offer to build 12 single family homes and the Gibson Custom Homes bid also for $240,000 cash to build 12 single family homes.

Kennedy told the board that both plans were pretty equal but the key difference for Kennedy and the district’s legal team was under the category of delivery and closing of the property.

“JWhite Properties delivery and closing provides no possession, no signs on the property until Jan. 31, 2022,” Kennedy said. “That is one key piece from an operations point of view that helps the district with regards to the possession piece and uncertainty of the construction and occupancy date for the new elementary school. Second is the modification from JWhite Properties to include Heirloom Carpentry Construction as the developer.”

During the public comment period, Jeff White read a letter to the board explaining his company’s partnership with Heirloom.

“This partnership will allow for the production of custom single family homes in a more accelerated pace,” White said. “Custom homes versus production homes also provides for higher value homes which will increase the school tax base while improving the overall value of the homes in the neighborhood. Heirloom Construction has partnerships with various designers providing customers multiple design options thereby eliminating the concern of a cookie-cutter building approach.”

The board voted Tuesday to award the proposal to JWhite Properties by a vote of 6-1, with Scott Foster dissenting.

Also on Tuesday the board awarded the server upgrade project to Vector Deck in the amount of $23,500.

Kennedy said that by approving this purchase now, it allows for the district to complete the installation of the new server and to bring it online in advance of next school year.

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