The Ludington Area School District announced Thursday through its website that the pre-K through eighth-grade students will continue with remote learning until Dec. 9.

Superintendent Jason Kennedy said while the district desperately wants to return to in-person learning, but feels that it's in the best interest of the health and safety of its students, staff and the community to continue using a remote-learning platform for all students at this time.

“As of Thursday, the latest information that the district has received from local health care experts and our local hospital systems is that testing capacity and availability is expected to return back to manageable levels by early to mi- December as we progress and move through the latest case surge,” Kennedy stated.

He added that, while a case can be made that the virus impacts high-school students more than elementary-aged children, the numbers do not support this claim in Ludington Area Schools. Of the 12 positive cases in the district, seven of the cases involved elementary students and staff, with students in kindergarten, second grade, third grade and sixth grade testing positive.

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