Bright skies combined with cooler temperatures made for perfect conditions for Ed Lombard’s annual 8-mile trek from the shores of Lake Michigan to Scottville.

The unique thing about Lombard’s Good Friday trek is that he carries wooden cross while walking the eight miles.

Lombard said he started the walk as a quiet, long but visible reminder of Good Friday and its place on the Christian calendar.

“I thought people were forgetting what Good Friday was all about,” he said as he prepared to begin his journey at noon, from the shore of Lake Michigan in Ludington. “People know about Easter but people have kinda forgot about Good Friday, the day Jesus suffered and was hung on a cross and Sunday is the day that he had risen.”

Lombard said with the annual walk he is trying to get people to believe, and inform them that Friday was the most crucial day.

“With the cross, I want everybody to understand that he did not just die for Lutherans or Catholics or Protestants, he died for all of mankind.”

Pastor John Hansen of Peace Lutheran in Ludington and Lighthouse Lutheran in Pentwater gave a prayer for Lombard on his journey.

“I think this is a great idea,” Hansen said. “I commend him for taking the time and the effort in doing the walk. To show what he believes and to spread the gospel here in the community. People need to see a bright light beaming for them, and I believe Lombard is doing that here today.”

Lombard, a truck driver, said he came up with the idea while in his truck one day and it has been going great ever since.

Lombard said while he is walking the eight miles he is always thinking about what Christ’s pain and suffering were that he went through, he said. “I always pray for people to see the cross and start praying.”

He hopes that when people see the cross they will start to have a little faith and start going to church.

“I hope people will understand what the cross is for,” he said on the reason he does this. “I would like to see more people come to church, find a nice church that you like. I try and tell people that prayer is the greatest thing in life. It will guide you through life. It will always be there for you.”

Lombard, who has walked in rain, snow and sunshine during his six years has always given praise to the Lord who has always blessed him with sunshine.

“The good Lord has blessed the past six years,” he said. “It has always been a sunny day.”

Lombard said the cross weighs abut 20 pounds, and it does take a toll on his 65-year-old body, mainly his hips and knees, and it usually takes him a day to recover.

“I will keep doing this until I can no longer do it anymore,” he said.

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