During the Ludington City Council meeting Monday, City Manager Mitch Foster said the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will continue with its plan to repave Lakeshore Drive and Ludington Avenue sometime in 2020, rather than do the full road reconstruction Foster has been requesting.

Foster said MDOT informed the city it will repave Ludington Avenue from James Street to Lakeshore Drive and resurface Lakeshore Drive from Ludington to Tinkham avenues. The project would use the method called mill-and-fill, which involves removing the surface layers of the lanes and replacing them with new asphalt layers.

Foster recently met with MDOT officials to discuss the possibility of rebuilding those roads from the underground utilities and foundation upward, since he says that is the underlying cause of much of Lakeshore Drive and Ludington Avenue’s deterioration.

The meeting did not go as he had hoped.

“Lakeshore (Drive) and Ludington Avenue ... will not be reconstructed for at least 25 years, likely,” Foster told the council. “They are sticking with what they’ve scheduled — doing a mill-and-filling in 2020. I will continue to have discussions with them (to do a reconstruction) or else that road is never going to be fixed appropriately.”

To read more about what the city council discussed, check out the print or E-edition of Wednesday's Ludington Daily News.