The Ludington City Council will hold a Committee of the Whole meeting at 6 p.m. Monday to have a roundtable discussion of several issues.

The council will discuss two major changes made by the Michigan legislature regarding the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and revising Ludington’s own policy for the changes, according to a memo from Ludington City Clerk Deborah Luskin.

In the changes, the person or group who requests records from a public body using FOIA must provide an individual’s complete name, mailing address and either a valid phone number or email address.

Also in the changes, if a municipality requests a deposit for a FOIA processing fee and does not receive it within 48 days, and the requestor did not file an appeal of the fee amount, then the FOIA request is considered abandoned, according to a fact sheet from the Michigan Municipal League.

The State of Michigan changed its law in late 2018 following a mass FOIA request from the United Impact Group, which anonymously requested records using the name “Emily” from the 2016 presidential election from all Michigan municipalities.

Also on the agenda, the council is expected to discuss the Open Meetings Act and potentially making changes to the city’s committee meeting procedure.

The council will also discuss a proposal to build a new connection between the city’s water system and West Shore Community College.

The project would include constructing an elevated tank for the college’s water system that would be connected to the city’s Brye Road booster station, which supplies all users east of the station, including Scottville.

The council will review the preliminary design and projections of expected usage.

The council will also discuss the city’s sidewalk inspection and replacement program.