SCOTTVILLE — Mason County Central school board trustees on Monday made the decision to expel a student who was arrested on Sept. 12 for allegedly bringing a knife onto school grounds.

The school board was originally set to consider the expulsion in October, but rescheduled at the request of the student’s parents.

The student, 17-year-old Zachary Allen Baugus, of Scottville, admitted to being in possession of a 5 1/4-inch knife, concealed in a sheath, while on the Mason County Central High School grounds.

He pleaded guilty in 51st Circuit Court on Nov. 5 to carrying a concealed weapon at the high school, and per his plea agreement, had a secondary charge of possession of a weapon in a school zone dismissed.

Board trustees met in closed session to discuss the situation before reconvening in open session to make a formal decision.

It’s a permanent expulsion, which means Baugus will be banned from all schools in the state of Michigan for a 180-day period, after which he could apply for re-instatement.

The Daily News previously reported that Baugus told MCC Superintendent Jeff Mount that the knife was for self-defense purposes. Because this implied an intent to use the weapon on another person, the district had to consider the knife a weapon.

Mount never explicitly stated Baugus’ name, but said he asked “the student” if he was being threatened, to which Baugus replied that he was not.