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A grain-bin residence is under construction on South Lakeshore Drive on the Buttersville Peninsula in Pere Marquette Township. The building has drawn some concerns, questions and complaints from neighbors.

PERE MARQUETTE TWP. — Randy Wood has brought a “grain bin” home to the Buttersville Peninsula in Pere Marquette Township, and the neighbors in the area are not happy about it.

The dwelling is a single-family home located on the 500 block of North Lakeshore Drive, which is 1,564 feet in area.

“This is going to be our summer home,” Wood told the Daily News Friday. “We’re calling it our cabin.”

Wood has developed what would be grain bins into homes for others across the country, his wife Billie said, and when it came time for the Flint couple to build their second home on the property, she wanted to go with this type of building.

“We’ve been coming up here for six years. We fish here,” Billie said. “(The home) is not for everyone. Not every house is for everybody.”

Once the cylindrical, shiny metal home was starting to be erected on a foundation on the property, the neighbors took notice.

“My concerns are a little different than the others,” said Al DeMeester, who lives south of the still-under-construction residence on South Lakeshore Drive. “Some, I think, have a legitimate concern as to what it will do to their property values. I live on the (Pere Marquette Lake) side of the road. It’s not like I’m in a $2 million home. If something like that popped up, and I did have a home like that, I’d be concerned if I was them.”

In addition, DeMeester called into question the approval of the building permit.

“What concerns me is the appearance of selective zoning enforcement,” he said. “In the normal process, if permit is applied for and it doesn’t seem to fit, the building permit is rejected and the person who made the permit can make their case to the (zoning board of appeals).

“I’m a process-person. … It appears it was selective enforcement.”

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